Workshop/Online Course

I’ve always had a life goal of writing a good old-fashioned book. A book that could sit on a shelve in homes around the world, a book that parents could pass on to their kids and that I could have my own parents read 🙂

However, having the information and implementing it are two different things and my passion is to truly help people work this new found knowledge into their life for the long term.

In 2019 I will use the book’s format to create an online course that you can do from the comfort of your home and also a location-based workshop that I can travel with. I hope to partner with businesses, groups, gyms and other health-based retreats and wellness events.

If you are interested in having the Calories & Cardio workshop partner with your event or come to your business please contact me here

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This workshop is an ideal Corporate Wellness Program that you bring to your employees. Rather than set them up with another uncomfortable weight loss challenge or fitness goal, because let’s be honest, not everyone wants that physical attention and pressure put on them at work. Rather, let’s give them valid information they can relate to, and let’s show them, hands-on, how to incorporate it into their lives.

I have presented a number of seminars and it’s astonishing how well this non-judgemental approach works.

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